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Call for Sessions

2023 CMS Summer Meeting

Call for Scientific Sessions

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) welcomes and invites session proposals for the 2023 CMS Summer Meeting in Ottawa from June 2 to 5, 2023.

  • Sessions are scheduled in 2.5-hour blocks and take place June 3-5, 2023. Typical scientific sessions have between 10 and 20 talks of 30 minutes each but 1-hour talks are possible.

  • In accordance with the CMS mandate to propose conferences which are accessible and welcoming to all groups, diversity amongst organizers and speakers is strongly encouraged. To support organizers in their important work and in their efforts towards inclusivity and diversity, the CMS will host an open call for abstracts for all sessions, and asks organizers to consider all eligible abstract submissions for their session.

  • Diversity includes topics of interest, career stages, geographic location, and demographics; designated underrepresented groups include, but are not limited to, women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minority/racialized groups, and members of LGBTQ2+ communities.

  • Note that there will be a separate follow-up call for Education Sessions.

Proposals should include: 

  1. Names, affiliations, and contact information for all session co-organizers. Early career researchers are encouraged to propose sessions.

  2. A title and brief description of the topic and purpose of the session. This can include a brief overview of the subject.  Include a two to three sentence summary that will be posted on the website for potential speakers.

  3. The number of 2.5 hour blocks expected, and a list of possible speakers.

Proposals will be selected by the Scientific Organizing Committee, limited by available classroom space, with priority for sessions that show intention to include a mix of senior and junior researchers, to make parts of their session accessible to graduate students, and to include speakers from designated underrepresented groups.

If you would like to speak in a session, please visit our website and submit your abstract for consideration by the organizers.


Proposals submitted by February 28, 2023 to the Scientific Directors with the CMS Office in cc will be considered as they are received, with responses as soon as they are approved. 

Monica Nevins


Aaron Tikuisis


CMS Office:

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